Welcome to my portfolio.

Lotta-Pia Kallio, visual artist.

Born in Rauma, Finland 1969.

Artisan and master of education. Graduated art teacher from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2001.

Work as an artist and visual arts lecturer in Salo, Finland. Have participated in both domestic and foreign exhibitions since 1996.

I mostly work with textile and video. I also use old objects; reassembling pieces into new stories and realities. My works often reflect the past: I´m trying to catch the time passing by, understand the events around; rewinding and playing in slow motion. My works are often surrealistic,  challenging the viewer to look from different perspective. 

In textileart I mainly embroider by hand. The slowliness gives time to think and focus. Stitches connect parts togerher. The working process itself is a ritual: used and broken change shape and born into another creatures. 

Videoworks touch the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk, I don´t work with big productions. I make all elements of the video myself: Paintbrushes, clothes, masks. ect. Each element works also independently as artworks. I film usually alone with actress and edit videos myself. That way I can work with my idea and let it develop in time.”